Baby Ballet - Senior Level



Olivia’s professional training began at Marie Walton Mahon Dance Academy where she successfully completed her exams in the RAD syllabus. She continued her full-time training at the National College of Dance where she was awarded multiple scholarships, received the award of Dux and achieved a Certificate III, IV and Diploma in Dance Performance. During this time she gained professional-level performance experience in an exceptionally diverse range of repertoires as well as competed in prestigious national and international competitions including RAD’s Genee Awards (Singapore), Alana Haines Australasian Award (New Zealand) and Youth America Grand Prix (New York) where she was a finalist. Whilst in America, Olivia was offered a position in Miami City Ballet’s Finishing Year where she studied Balanchine and Bourneville techniques.

Upon returning to Australia, Olivia continued her training at WAAPA where she gained immeasurable performance experience across a diverse range of styles. She was able to work closely with national and international choreographers, acclaimed teachers and lecturers from whom she gained a vast wealth of knowledge, a deep understanding of physicality and artistic approaches. She gained an incredible insight into a range of classical and contemporary techniques as well as many additional classes and subjects including anatomy, nutrition, dance history and many more. All of which greatly support her teaching today.

Whilst at WAAPA Olivia was exposed to many opportunities including international workshops, choreographic experiences, professional-level performance experiences, secondments with major Australian companies, and performances by international visiting artists. She graduated with the Chanel 7 Award for Technical and Artistic Excellence and with an Advanced Diploma in Dance.

Olivia has continued to build on her knowledge and passion, taking part in international workshops with acclaimed artists from all over the world. She is focusing her wealth of knowledge and experience on her dance teaching career and highly values the benefits of a supportive, sustainable and rewarding practice in dance.


Her current teaching accreditations include Ballet Conservertoire Syllabus Certified Teacher for all levels, a Certified PBT instructor, a Certified teacher for Levels 1 and 2 International Character Dance Syllabus.

Olivia is currently working on a Certificate in Educational Psychology.