Quality. Technique. Artistry. Discipline.

The En Pointe School of Ballet endeavours to instil quality, artistry, musicality, technique, and discipline into the training vocabulary of each and every student. With care and individual attention, each student can expect to reach their highest potential. 

With a strong focus on Classical Ballet technique, our staff are carefully selected fully qualified professionals who have had extensive training and careers in Classical Ballet. They offer the students a safe and friendly learning environment. The En Pointe School of Ballet takes pride in its students and aims to equip them with the many skills that Classical Ballet has to offer for both the individual as a dancer and as a person of the wider world. 



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The En Pointe School of Ballet has been in operation for over 10 years. In that time En Pointe has nurtured and developed the growth of young artists, with a very high success rate for students wishing to take on a professional career in Classical Ballet. En Pointe School of Ballet offers classes for students as young as three years old right up 1/2 day intensive training (Cert IV), & VCE Dance. Students are offered the opportunity to sit annual formal examinations and take part in our fully staged productions. We also provide students with various performing opportunities throughout the year including competitions, festivals, and local events.

En Pointe boasts two magnificent locations catering to families in the outer Eastern Suburbs (Vermont) and Inner-city suburbs (Kew). Spreading our wings far and wide to provide the highest quality dance education is a passion of ours and we look forward to continued growth in the coming years.

Our staff are fully qualified ex-professional dancers who have had a wealth of performing, training, and industry experience. All staff are carefully selected individuals who we believe can offer your child the best advice, leadership, knowledge, and training possible.

All dance classes are taught in our fully equipped studios with Tarkett flooring, as well as fixed barres and mirrors. Our classes are conducted in a safe, disciplined, and productive learning environment with parents receiving annual feedback based reports on their child’s progress, as well as constant open communication and advice on their child’s potential, capabilities, and development.

With a strong emphasis on classical ballet technique, our ballet classes are taught using the Ballet Conservatoire Syllabus - based on the Russian Vaganova Method of Classical Ballet. The Ballet Conservatoire training and assessment program emphasizes correct placement, dynamics and performance quality which are all inherent in the Vaganova method. 



For enrolment enquiries please contact:

Renee Grinsted
0423 251 400

For studio enquiries please contact:

Studio Manager & Coordinator:
Kurt Dwyer-Williams
0431 514 955