* Monday, Wednesday, Saturday (Vermont)       
*Monday, Saturday (Kew)



Our aim in each class is to provide a fun and positive atmosphere that introduces formal classical ballet technique, posture, positions, and ideologies, whilst still maintaining a traditional and disciplined classical ballet learning environment. 

The Baby Ballerinas class acts as the perfect introduction to classical ballet whilst seamlessly preparing students to move into the ACB syllabus once they reach school age.

To keep young students engaged the use of props, improvisations, stories, and creative movement is smartly entwined into traditional classical technique exercises purposely structured to keep young dancers focused and concentration on pointe.

The class is conducted with the etiquette and grooming requirements that are expected of grown-up ballerinas with proper classical ballet uniforms & hair in a neat ballet bun. Students will discover the joy of classical ballet in an atmosphere that is fun and engaging and prepares them for the best start when moving into our afterschool program.

In term one students are introduced to the expectations of the ballet studio environment - Making formations, navigating themselves around the room correctly, waiting in lines & partners, travelling through the space safely, classroom etiquette, basic posture, positions, terminologies, and exploration of creative movement.

In term two we will build on this further whilst introducing them to a wider vocabulary of steps and challenging them with more complex combinations.

Term three this is solidified and students build confidence in knowing their exercises and can take ownership of their work, they may start to remember corrections and the early stages of ‘self-correction’ will begin to take place. 

Finally, in term four we put together all that we have learnt throughout the year and combine it into one choreographed piece that they will perform in our annual end of year concert with the rest of the school in a beautiful costume!