Audition only classes for students aged 8-16.  Aimed at students who are not eligible or ready to undertake Cert IV studies or who are not old enough or able to meet the full academic or practical demands of the ½ day program.  
 These students are talented, dedicated, and vocational minded, wishing to increase their hours of training before being able to fully transition into the ½ day program. Applicants are required to attend an audition class & interview at a cost of $30.00 per application to be paid on the day of the audition. 
 The transitions program doesn’t replace regular after school classes and can only be taken in conjunction with the students existing commitments. This program is a way of building extra practical hours into their training on top of what they already do.  It does not replace the importance of their regular En Pointe School of Ballet level and exam requirements.  It is simply to compliment their current training and help them take extra steps towards achieving their dreams!